Project Type: 2018en

Or move on.

Decision-making has always been a part of our life. Whether it is by serious or seemingly unimportant decisions, each of us influences our life and it’s direction on daily basis, and for each decision, we carry responsibility. “Or move on.” is about life choices, exits, and losses we encounter while searching for our own way. […]

Panic attack

Panic disorder is a frequent but also relatively serious disorders. The main manifestation of a panic attack is a surge of significant anxiety that is not associated with any particular situation and can not be predicted – it comes and goes unexpectedly. installation, analog. photos variable formats, metal object, 2018

Unfinished processes

A sandstone mosaic with regular wave-shaped circular elevations. The mosaic con-sists of sandstone, which is constantly eroding with climatic conditions, after some time the inequalities are compared with the level of other stones. land art installation, mosaic of sandstone, 2018 in cooperation with: Lucie Hyšková, Alexandra Naušová, Václav Nosek, Anna Minářová


I’ve decided to work with the idea that nothing ever ends. Everyone perceives this fact differently. It’s just a question of how this idea manifests itself in our lives. 2 × analog photos, digital prints, variable formats, 2018

One of the crowd

Installation One of the crowd serves both as commentary and a demonstration, pointing to the dullness of human perception with an emphasis on the surrounding factors. We focus on group thinking, how it affects the viewer, and the variability of the individual’s vision and his thinking as a member of the crowd.Using projection and semi-transparent […]