The past is always being forgotten, and rarely takes on distinct form, just like the perception of the present, or of the hidden future. Everything consists of individual fragments and is broken down into them as well. I used this knowledge to create a light installation that recalls the past and hopes for a better future. The individual images are not clear, merging into one large timeless unit.

The object at the center of this installation has been inspired by the shape of a sculptured at the top of Invalidovna. The object is wrapped in reflective foil, which breaks down the image that is projected onto them. This results in a distorted light projection that changes according to the image being projected on the object. The images that were chosen are referring to the past, present, and possible future of Invalidovna. They are always distorted by a mirror, so the original image will never be obvious distinct. Visitors can therefore determine what image is surrounding them on their own,o r just be carried away by light fragments on the walls.

site-specific installation, mirror foil, 3 × projection , 2019

in cooperation with Alexandrou Naušovou, Lucií Hyškovou

United Islands of Prague 2019 (Invalidovna, Praha) (CZ)

GRAND OPENING INVALIDOVNA – 3Kurátorky (Invalidovna, Prague) (CZ)